At CopyQuip, we say that quality is never an accident

To manage your documents effectively, you need to know that your equipment will function correctly or, on those rare occasions when it doesn’t, that it will be fixed promptly and efficiently.This is why we’ve developed our unique 5 point maintenance commitment. With CopyQuip, you’ll receive the highest quality of service available in the industry.


Our unique 5-point maintenance plan

  • A five-year satisfaction guarantee on products we supply/service.
  • We guarantee a four-hour response time to call-outs.
  • We make preventative maintenance calls on all equipment.
  • We always have an extensive holding of equipment parts in stock.
  • We have computerised service control to analyse machine performance.

Prevention is better than the cure

This is especially true when it comes to business equipment. Our engineers carry out preventative maintenance on all equipment, focusing on those areas most likely to be the reason for you to call us out. With CopyQuip, you’ll receive the highest quality of service from any product we supply.
The quality of service you receive from us is never an accident, but the result of our dedicated effort.

Our Approach

CopyQuip has decided to always have at least one more engineer than is necessary and this allows us to implement a proactive approach to servicing by scheduling our engineers to carry out preventative maintenance calls where the engineers comprehensively service the equipment focusing on the areas most likely to be the reason for future calls and thereby reduce the amount of emergency calls logged by our customers. This is unique in the photocopier industry