The number one photocopier repair company

photocopier repairIf you need to have your photocopier repaired, you should call us now! We offer same day service in Munster and we are experts at repairing all makes and models of photocopiers! All of our engineers are Copyquip employees and we use modern technology to properly diagnose your issue. This technology along with our experienced engineers, allows us to have one of the highest first time repair rates in the photocopier industry.
We can come to your office anywhere in Munster, whether you are in Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Clare, Tipperary or Kerry it doesn’t matter to us. Our experienced engineers can visit your business and repair your photocopier, so that your business isn’t affected by a broken photocopier.

We have been operating in Munster for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on developing long lasting relationships with our customers, by offering first class customer service, along with expert advice and competitive pricing. We also stock a large range of new and used photocopiers, so if your photocopier needs to be repaired offsite we can provide a temporary replacement. If your photocopier is beyond repair, we can supply you with a new or pre-owned photocopier that suits your requirements. We carry all of the leading brands including Ricoh and Utax, and we can recommend a model that will suit your needs and your budget.

Photocopier repair can be a headache for you, but if you call the expert team at Copyquip you can be sure that we will send you an expert engineer, that is able to repair your photocopier quickly and efficiently, at a fair price with top notch customer service.